Thursday, June 4, 2009

Using the Big Shot

After reading so many posts on different sites and also from having my own customers make mistakes with the Big Shot, I decided to make a movie showing all the different dies that I use with it. My friend, Stacie, and I like making these informative videos, and we hope you enjoy the humor of them, too!
Unbelievable as it is, the "sewing/quilting" industry is now introducing die cutting machines for applique work and the price of the machines those companies are selling is astronomical! I use the Big Shot for all my applique work, too! Just adhere the adhesive bonding material of your choice to the back of the fabric, run it through the die cutting machine and you've got your appliques! I made a St. Patrick's Day flag by die cutting different shades of green hearts and them ironing them onto plain white muslin and then stitching around the edges and stitched the stems.