Thursday, December 4, 2008

Faux DS paper technique

This card is made by mimicking designer paper by using a wheel stamp and a single image stamp for the background. I've made a tutorial for this for you here. Try it and let me know how you make out!
The Template grid is here!

All stamps, paper and ribbons used are by Stampin' Up!


Mary said...

Wow!! I love the punched grid idea. Many thanks for the very generous instructions.

Sophia said...

What a great idea! I'd love the link to the grid. When I pulled up the pdf document, it wouldn't let me click on the link.

Thanks for sharing!

Jean from jlfstudio said...

Hi Liz,

Great how to instructions. The link to the grid however doesn't work could you edit your post to add the link to that or email it to me. Thanks - Jean Fitch

Liz Navickas said...

If you had trouble with the link, I fixed it today, so please try again! You'll need to download the PDF file and then print it out.
Thanks for the comments! - Liz