Thursday, October 28, 2010

Videos of Projects Available

Sometimes it's just easier to see things as they are done rather than to read directions, which is why some of my directions might have the picture of the project and then it reads, "watch the video," and you're thinking, "I don't have the video!!!" Well, since the videos are long, some being 15 minutes or more, I've compiled some of the videos that we've done in the past couple of years onto DVD's. I'm not a pro at making these, but I did test them and they work, so if you would like one, there are 2 of them and they have about 4-5 projects on each of them. You can order them here by EMAILING ME and I will ship them for $5 each which will cover the cost of materials, postage and shipping. You can get them both for $8. Above is a picture of some of the projects that are on them.

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