Monday, October 27, 2008

Harvest Pumpkins

I know it's been awhile since I put anything new here, but I've been busy with my new stamp room. I've been looking for just the right desk for my stamping room because I was running out of space. (Doesn't that happen to everyone??!) Anyway, everything else slid along the way while I was moving the computer, pulling cables and all trying to get this office situated just the way I wanted it. Here's a picture of my stamping station. I'm so happy with this and I thank everyone online that I wrote to and asked questions about how they liked this and that. The corner desk is from French Envy, yet I had them NOT put the knobs on that they were going to and ordered instead the drawer pulls online from an Antique Hardware site. I still have 5 empty drawers, too!!

Anyway, I know this post is called "Harvest Pumpkins" and I was going to put directions here for making the pumpkins and stems and leaves as someone asked about the card.
Here's the finished pumpkin:

To make this pumpkin you need the large oval punch and you punch 5 ovals from Pumpkin Pie cardstock.
Sponge each piece with Chocolate Chip ink around the edges. (I took a Pumpkin Pie marker and drew in the seams for shadowing after the pumpkin was together, but they look good without doing this!)

Glue the pieces together to make the pumpkin shape.

The stem is made from another scrap of Old Olive cardstock that already had some holes punched in it.
Here's a diagram to show you how you can cut these from the scraps; The oval has been punched out and the black lines denote where to cut with scissors:

Glue this piece that you cut out behind the top of the pumpkin and you're all set!

Now, leaves can be made with a circle punch, as well as a flower punch. Here's how to make the shape for leaves:

Punch a circle from cardstock and slide the circle back into the punch and punch the circle along the black line. If you have trouble getting the circle back into the side of the punch, put a sticky note on the circle to extend it into the punch!

Lots of things use this shape, ears on animals, for example.

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