Thursday, November 6, 2008

Paper trimmer problems??

Well, here I am again, shopping for a new paper trimmer and thought I'd see what all the experts on SCS said about trimmers. I read everyone's report on all the different trimmers and since I wasn't ready to remortgage the house to buy another one, I decided to fix my Fiskars trimmer.
What's wrong with it? Maybe you have this problem, too... the markings all wear off and I can't tell where I'm cutting! (Yes, the blades get dull quick too, but I don't have a fix for that other than buying new blades!)
Here's my solution to the problem of markings wearing off:

Use permanent markers and redraw all the lines. (This isn't so bad because you can color "special" lines like the 4.25" one in another color!)

Now, this works for awhile, but these lines also wear off, so purchase a roll of Grip-tak clear vinyl self-adhesive. This is truely CLEAR. Contact paper is not clear, it is a little frosty, so it won't work.

Remove the arm carefully so you don't break it and press the Grip-tak down on the metal and smooth out, removing all wrinkles.

Finally, use your craft knife to cut around the edges of the metal plate and remove the excess! Voila! Almost good as new!!

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