Monday, February 14, 2011

Stampin' Up!'s Unmounted Stamp Sets

So, you try the new unmounted sets, which are, no doubt, really nice. They are rubber stamps that have cling vinyl labels that stick to the back of the stamps so you can see right where to stamp. The only problem is, how do I line up and get those stickers where they belong... and then you get the labels off just a teeny bit, and, "YIKES!" it's not lined up right and you try to take it off the stamp, but the glue is so strong, it rips the foam back off the stamp or the vinyl label stretches and warps, never to lie flat again! Happen to you? Well, I've written a tutorial that will help, so go get a copy and have a "Hassle-Free" time putting your labels on the backs of those stamps!!

Here it is for you to download: Tutorial for Hassle-Free Labeling of SU's Unmounted Stamps

Also, some people have been frustrated by how to get them to stick to the block. I think it's Chemistry 101, but not sure... (I didn't do too well in that course!!) but it has to do with "bonds." Not the savings type, but how the vinyl bonds to the acrylic... it works best if you lay the stamp down on a flat surface with the vinyl label up, then "huff" on the acrylic block and press it down onto the vinyl backing with a slight sliding motion. Let me know how you make out!

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